Brent Holliday photo

Brent Holliday

Co-founder and CEO
Garibaldi Capital Advisors

Brent has been in the technology finance industry for 25 years and is the co-founder and CEO of Canada’s first technology-focused boutique M&A advisory firm, Garibaldi Capital Advisors. Founded in 2013, Garibaldi helps private technology companies across Canada grow by planning and executing on their capital strategy needs and assisting them through M&A transactions. With offices in Vancouver, Toronto and Saint John, Garibaldi has completed over 25 transactions in 6 years in technology centers across Canada.


Brent spent five years prior to founding Garibaldi doing technology transactions for Capital West Partners in Vancouver. Before that, Brent was a technology focused venture capitalist, raising over $40 million with two other partners in 1999 to invest in 15 early stage companies. In the Internet 1.0 days of the mid-90’s Brent helped found an Internet Software company, later known as Maximizer Technologies and worked for BDC’s venture capital group before founding his own fund.


He has an MBA from the University of British Columbia and an Honours Bachelor of Science from Western University in his original hometown of London, Ontario.